In The News: “Angels on Earth”

The following was posted in the Victoria Advocate by Morgan Theophil. It tells the story of one of our recent patients and her time with Hospice of South Texas. Photos are by Shelby Miller.    As Charlotte Hroch looks around at her loved ones and reflects on her life, she said she feels blessed. [...]

Celebrating The Holidays When A Loved One Is Seriously Ill

The holidays are meant to be a time of joy, celebration, relaxation, and goodwill, but when you have a seriously ill loved one, they can also be emotionally difficult. The stress and worry of how your loved one is faring can greatly diminish holiday cheer and distract from what the holidays are really [...]

Holiday Reality Check: Signs Your Loved One May Need Extra Support

Traveling home for the holidays is something that most of us look forward to every year. Gathering with family and loved ones, eating good food, recollecting old memories and making new ones. Oftentimes, going home for the holidays is a great chance to reconnect with our parents or elderly loved ones. This also [...]

A Good Life And A Good Death: What Is Palliative Care?

Editor’s Note: This article was written by Carmel Wroth, reposted from "He will not die on your watch." That's what the family of a patient told Sunita Puri when she was a resident in internal medicine. They were chilling words for the young doctor as she took over the care of a [...]

Safely Traveling with An Ill or Aging Loved One

Summer is finally here, which means that it’s time to start planning the annual summer vacation. However, if you have an aging or ill loved one who requires additional care, planning a trip might seem stressful, and you may even question whether or not it’s worth it.  While traveling with an ill or [...]

How to Honor Your Dad This Father’s Day

The days surrounding Father’s Day can be an emotionally stressful time for those who have lost a father, especially if it’s the first Father’s Day without him. It can be hard to ignore all the Father’s Day advertisements, celebrations, and gifts, and you may feel like not even celebrating the day at all. [...]

Ways to Honor Your Mother This Mother’s Day

If you have lost a mother, especially recently, Mother’s Day can be an emotionally distressing day. You may feel particularly upset, and may feel like not celebrating or avoiding the holiday altogether. While it’s difficult to imagine celebrating Mother’s Day without your mother physically there, there are still several ways you can remember, [...]

About Our Dornburg Center of Compassion

While we understand that most people want to remain at home surrounded by their family, sometimes the level of care needed exceeds what can realistically be managed at home. There may come a time when pain or symptoms are not able to be controlled at home and the patient requires more advanced [...]

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