For all of us who have lost their mom, Mother’s Day and the days around it can be a difficult, especially if it’s the first Mother’s Day without her. It can be emotional and distressing seeing everyone celebrating and spending time with their moms. But, even if your mom is no longer with you, there are still ways to celebrate and honor her on Mother’s Day.

In her memory, donate or volunteer to a special cause. Helping others frequently makes us feel better during a difficult time, so this is a way to both uplift your spirits and honor your mother. If your mom had a favorite organization or charity, donating or volunteering is a great idea. Consider it a connection you can still make with her.

Talk to her and spend time with her. If possible, visit your mother’s place of rest and spend some time there and tell her about what is going on in your life, or just sit in quiet reflection. Bring flowers or something personal. If that’s not possible, you can always write a letter to your mom saying anything you wish you could tell her. Opening up and sharing your life with your mother can be cathartic, even if she is no longer here, physically.

Share memories and stories of your mom. Gather family, friends, and anyone close to your mom for a special celebration to share stories about her. Everyone’s old photos and stories can make you laugh, and even cry, and that will show just how extraordinary she was. Everyone’s unique stories about your mom, especially those you haven’t heard before will reconnect you to her memory, and you’ll make new memories in the process.

Be kind to yourself, acknowledge your grief. Mother’s Day can be emotionally challenging after you have lost your mother, especially at first. We all grieve differently, and it’s important not to compare yourself and your emotions to others. It’s normal and completely understandable to be upset. You may not even want to celebrate the day at all. Only you can read your emotions and know what’s best for you. Take it easy, be kind to yourself, and never do anything you don’t want to.

Mother’s Day can be emotional, it’s important to look for small moments of joy, and small reminders of your mom. However you choose to celebrate, or not celebrate, is up to you. Hospice of South Texas has a strong support team of social workers, chaplains, volunteers, and a bereavement care team dedicated to helping you. Even after a loved one has passed, your Hospice of South Texas team is here to support the emotional needs of those left behind through grief and loss counseling, memorial services, and support groups.