Hospice of South Texas is led by a volunteer Board of Directors representative of our community and those we serve and by dedicated experienced staff. We cherish your trust and pledge to be faithful stewards to our mission and to the resources so generously shared with us.

Hospice of South Texas Board of Directors

  • Diane Griffin – President
  • Lynn Miori – Vice President
  • Susan Oakley – Advancement
  • Denise Afflerbach – Secretary
  • Tim Michalski – Treasurer
  • John McQuillen – Asst. Treasurer
  • Rev. Herb Beyer
  • Gerald Bludau
  • David Donald
  • Rose Drost
  • Matthew Janzow, M.D
  • Mike Johnson
  • Lee Keeling
  • Chris Krejci
  • Bill McArdle
  • Dr. Josie Rivera
  • David Smolik
  • Charles Wartsbaugh
  • Elena Watts

Endowment Board of Directors

  • Keith Henke
  • Diane Griffin
  • Tim Michalski
  • Lynn Miori
  • Rose Drost
  • Tom Curtis
  • Lori Zamora
  • Mary Jeansonne
  • Joe Crisp
  • Zach Smith

Hospice of South Texas Medical Directors

  • Tyson Meyer M.D.
  • Terry Whitehouse M.D.
  • Arun Jain M.D.
  • Jennifer Gonzales M.D.
  • Bruce Bauknight M.D.
  • Donald Kocurek M.D.

Hospice of South Texas Staff

  • Tyson Meyer, Interim Executive Director
  • Anne McIntosh, Chief Financial Officer
  • Mary Bogdan, Director of Clinical Services
  • Hilary Lucas, Director of Advancement
  • Devery Koehl, Director of Bereavement and Volunteer Services
  • Gary Scheibelhut, Director of Information Technology