We help those living with a serious illness gain the comfort, care, practical support and symptom management that improves their quality of life. Discover hope beyond a cure.

What Is Hospice

Hospice brings medical, emotional and spiritual care as well as practical support to those who have chosen comfort over a continued fight to find a cure.

The goal of hospice is to bring as much comfort as possible while adding a measure of peace to the lives of those whose illness can no longer be cured.

With hospice the focus becomes quality of life – living as fully as possible despite your illness. Care is delivered in your home or wherever you reside by a team of highly specialized professionals focused on all of your needs, not just the illness.

The biggest misconception is that hospice is for the last few days of life. In fact, many of our patients have told us they wish they started hospice sooner. Hospice works best when started early, allowing you to gain as much comfort and support as possible.

How Care Is Paid For

Hospice of South Texas patients are provided with the highest quality of care regardless of their ability to pay. Hospice of South Texas services are offered to individuals with a wide variety of diagnosis, and admission is based on medical need, not availability of funds.

Medicare and Medicaid cover Hospice services at 100%. Most private insurance companies also have a hospice benefit. Since 1985, community support from grants, memorials, contributions and fundraising activities have made it possible for Hospice of South Texas to care for individuals with no other source of funding.

Hospice of South Texas is a not-for-profit organization. If you are interested in making a donation to Hospice of South Texas, please contact our Victoria office at 361.572.4300 or donate now online. Your donation is highly appreciated.

Hospice of South Texas pays 100% for all prescribed medications related to the patient’s life-limiting illness and for the alleviation of distressing symptoms. (Exceptions: Medications for prior conditions other than the hospice diagnosis and over the counter medications are not covered)

Hospice of South Texas patients receive all needed durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, bedside commode and walker. Oxygen in the home is provided if needed. These are also paid 100% by Hospice of South Texas.

Where Care Is Delivered

Hospice of South Texas strives to empower and enable individuals to remain in the familiar surroundings of their own homes for as long as is possible and appropriate.

Because a patient’s home may not be his/her personal residence, Hospice of South Texas may offer home care services in a variety of facility settings appropriate to the patient’s care needs. This could be a personal care home, group home or nursing home. All services that may benefit the patient will be coordinated with the primary caregiver. If the patient lives in a facility, services will be coordinated with the facility staff.

Hospice of South Texas patients who reside in nursing facilities are entitled to all the same privileges given to hospice patients at home. Patients using regular Medicare for their nursing home stay are not eligible for coverage under Hospice Medicare benefits. However, they may still qualify for self-paid hospice services.

Patients with Medicare Part-A who are privately paying the nursing home may use their Hospice Medicare Benefit for Hospice services in the nursing home setting.

If the patient is Medicare/Medicaid eligible, then Medicaid will pay for nursing home room and board and Medicare will pay for the Hospice benefits.

In the event that the family would benefit relief in care giving, the patient may be moved to a facility providing such care. Respite care for Hospice of South Texas patients will be provided directly under contract with a care facility and Hospice of South Texas assumes financial responsibility. Respite care is available 5 days a month. Dornburg Center of Compassion may be available under certain circumstances.

Symptom Management

Hospice of South Texas patients who need evaluation and treatment for extreme pain, nausea or other physical symptoms too difficult to control in their home setting may receive inpatient care at our Dornburg Center of Compassion.  The Center is intended for short term stays with the goal of getting our patient back to their home environment.

Intensive Home Care

Hospice of South Texas may provide Intensive Home Care in the home for patients whose acute symptoms require intense monitoring or treatment. Intensive Home Care may reduce the need for re-hospitalization for Respite and Symptom Management, and help our patients return home from the hospital earlier.

Intensive Home Care shall be determined by the Patient Care Team and will be approved on an as needed basis. The care must be ordered by the physician and for short time frames only and/or until the crisis is resolved.

Am I Eligible For Hospice Care?

We’re here to answer any questions you may have or help you determine if hospice care is right for you. Referrals for our care can be made by you, your family, your doctor or even your healthcare providers. Simply give us a call at 800.874.6908 or complete the form below.