Support for you

Are you struggling with caring for a loved one?

We provide comprehensive support to caregivers.

With Hospice of South Texas, you will not face this journey alone. We share in the care while also providing you with support, education and guidance.

Caregiving for a loved one can be a rewarding experience. But it can also be filled with stress, uncertainty and feel overwhelming. We know that your loved one’s serious illness also affects you. One of the best benefits of our care is that we’re also a support system for you. We’ll be there for you and your entire family. You’ll have a complete support system and expert medical care focused on the unique needs of your loved one. And if a crisis arises, we’re a phone call away 24/7, so no more late night trips to the ER. We also provide real help – help with daily tasks like bathing and grooming. And our team of volunteers provide social connection and friendly visits to give you much needed time to run errands or just take a break.

Our experienced team will help ensure you feel comfortable in your caregiving role by teaching you how to handle every aspect of providing care. We’ll prepare you for what to expect as your loved one’s health changes and provide support to make your role easier.

We’ll enhance your efforts with an entire team of compassionate individuals focused on helping your loved one live life more fully.