If you have lost a mother, especially recently, Mother’s Day can be an emotionally distressing day. You may feel particularly upset, and may feel like not celebrating or avoiding the holiday altogether. While it’s difficult to imagine celebrating Mother’s Day without your mother physically there, there are still several ways you can remember, celebrate, and honor your mother this Mother’s Day.

Share stories about your mom. Gather together with family and friends and reminisce on some of the best memories you have of your mother. Share funny stories that will always make you laugh, share stories that really show how wonderful your mother was, or share stories with those who never met her, so that her legacy will always live on. It’s okay to feel sad during this time, but this can also be a time for celebration and looking back on a life well lived.

Celebrate other mother figures in your life. While no one can replace your own mother, it can feel cathartic to honor and celebrate the other women who have shaped you throughout your life. Friends, teachers, aunts, and even your father—tell them how much you appreciate their impact on your life before, and after, the loss of your own mother. Additionally, if you are a mother yourself, spend the day allowing your children to celebrate you.

Do something fun that reminds you of her. Today doesn’t have to be a sad day. You can celebrate by doing something fun that you used to do together, or something that your mom loved doing. If you always got your nails done together, get a manicure today in her honor; if she drank her tea a certain way, have the same tea and raise a glass to her memory. You can also use this opportunity to start new traditions for with your own family. Take your own daughters to get your nails done, or take a family trip to the lake. Whatever you choose to do on this day, you can honor your mother throughout it.

Write it out. Sometimes, it can be hard to avoid the rows and rows of Mother’s Day cards at the store. If you see one that reminds you of your mother, go ahead and get it and write a note to her. You can tell her how much you miss her, what’s going on in your life, or simply thank her for the time and memories that you shared together. If possible, leave the note at her place of rest.

Donate in your mother’s name. Donate to your mom’s favorite charity, or an organization that was close to her heart. Doing something useful and good is a great way to lift your spirits while honoring your mother.

Recognize and understand your grief. It’s important to realize that the days surrounding Mother’s Day won’t be easy, but they don’t have to be. It’s okay to be upset, frustrated, or angry. It’s also okay to be joyful, grateful, and cheerful. Only you can determine how you are feeling, you should be kind to yourself either way.

Hospice of South Texas understands that everyone grieves differently, and we have a dedicated team committed to offering a variety of bereavement services to individuals, with special emphasis on providing family bereavement support. The care plan may include grief educational group meetings, informational literature, correspondence, phone calls and our Service of Remembrance. For more information on our bereavement services, contact Hospice of South Texas at our Victoria office at 361.572.4300 or our Hallettsville office at 361.798.2077.